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At Best Buy Auto Glass the repair and replacement of auto glass is one of our major specialties. We have been in the business for more than nine years and our technicians will work on any vehicle, whether it is privately-owned or commercial.

When customers visit our premises in Modesto, California, we always stress the importance of having every window in their vehicle properly installed and in proper working order. If they are faulty in any way then it increase the risk of someone breaking in or stealing the car.

We operate a specialist auto glass shop where we routinely repair and replace car glass and truck glass. All our technicians are fully trained and certified and they can repair window regulators, power window switches and car electric windows.

Customer service is our main priority here at Best Buy Auto Glass and we will always take great care of your vehicle when it is at our premises. After we have repaired or replaced any of your auto windows, we will vacuum the car and clean out all the glass.

The replacement of one or two windows on your vehicle will take no longer than an hour. If we have to replace either four or six windows, depending on the size of your vehicle, then it will take our technicians around to hours to complete the job.

Repairing the power window switch requires us to make a diagnosis of the window and test to see if the problem lies with the switch or the whole regulator. Once we figure it out, we will take off your door panel and get the problem fixed. The work is same day service and normally takes us around two hours.

When you need your auto glass repaired or replaced then make sure you come to the best company in the business. Make an appointment today with Best Buy Auto Glass by calling (209) 315-5915.

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